Tourism, A Better Job and Future

What is the motto of 2019 World Tourism Day?

Tourism, regardless of its cultural and social mission, is an industry, an industry that, along with the different characteristics of each country, produces income as an advantage of economic activity and the development of its economic relations.
“Tourism and Jobs – A Better Future for All” is the title that the world has been emphasizing since September 27, 2019. Better business and future are two titles that have endorsed the world for one year. Today, countries such as the United States, which is the world’s largest oil producer, have the highest number of tourist attractions, making it a major source of income. In the Middle East and North Africa, countries such as Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, which have oil and gas resources, such as Iran, make up the bulk of their revenues through the industry, ranking the top three in tourist attraction.
Global rankings in this region are dedicated.

According to the latest update from the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the number of tourists is increasing by an average of 3.3% from 2010 to 2030. This represents more than 2 million global tourists traveling each year and reaching 1 billion and 800 million tourists by 2030.

As a major business and global service, incoming tourism has become one of the largest branches of global trade. Total revenue from inbound tourism accounted for more than $ 1 trillion and $ 200 billion in passenger transport in 2011, or an average of $ 3.4 billion per day. Export-size account
30% of global exchanges are communications services and 2% of total global exchanges.

Internationally, tourism revenue was about $ 622 billion by 2005, and each tourist from Europe and the United States spent between $ 500 and $ 700, while in Iran it was less than $ 500.

The importance of tourism on business structure

What the World Tourism Organization ponders for choosing “Tourism and Jobs – A Better Future for All” is the importance of the industry to employment. Job creation has become one of the countries’ problems with the advances in technology and population growth, and our country of Iran, with more than 45% of the young population and the workforce, is no exception, and of course this capacity.
The young force in the country is unique.

Tourism emphasizes the creation of jobs, both directly and indirectly, for the benefit of the economy and income. The direct effects of the tourism industry, accounting for about 6% of global GDP, represent the allocation of one out of every 15 jobs.

In 2016, tourism’s total share of employment includes jobs that are indirectly covered by the industry
It was expected to cover 5.6% of total employment and one million 398.500 jobs, with 1.3% growth in 2026 to cover one million 967,000, or 1.6% of total employment.
In this large share market, Iran, with so much potential in cultural tourism, still relies on the incomplete tourism infrastructure.

In addition to taking advantage of employment opportunities in this dynamic industry, there is also a special focus on human resources and jobs in the tourism and related industries in the country on the eve of Sydney’s World Tourism Day, and a definite redefinition of the insurance code for businesses. Related to this industry or the jobs created by the expansion of the industry in the country, while paying more attention to the unmatched economic status and employment of this dynamic industry, take some short steps to achieve world standards.

Just as internationally recognized tourism, traveler and tourist have expert definitions, jobs deriving from the tourism industry also need special definitions that our country suffers from. Which are part of the service providers and as exemplary tourist guides also referred to as cultural ambassadors and have a significant stake in the middle circle and hosting
There is tourism, it is not yet considered a business in our country. On the one hand, given the choice of this slogan for 2019, it is worthwhile for tourism industry executives to reconsider the theoretical dimension of tourism jobs and definitions for a better future for employees and enthusiasts.

On the other hand, as the most common view of tourism in the contemporary world is an economic-oriented approach, it is one of the major sources of income generation and employment creation in the world as there is an interrelationship between tourism development and economic growth. If that is the case, then, cities and destinations are more likely to have more economic growth. Therefore, adopting appropriate public policies across all layers of management and fully supporting all government agencies and public institutions for the tourism boom that will lead to significant economic impacts in each region and increase employment will be inevitable.

Dr. Hassan Taghizadeh Ansari

Marcopolo Tourism Holding Co’s Director

و رئیس هیات مدیره جامعه گردشگری الکترونیکی ایران