Sistan and Baluchistan is the Capital of Tourism of the Indian Ocean Countries in Year 2021

Mojtaba Mir-Hosseini (Deputy Director of Tourism of Sistan-Baluchestan Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism), pointing out that the outlook document for tourism in Sistan-Baluchistan province has been written up to year 4, said about tourism strategies in Baluchistan Year 2 is being designated as the tourism capital of the Indian Ocean Countries, as the only place that is capable of developing Iran’s tourism with neighboring countries is Sistan and Baluchistan province, especially Makran coast.

“If we want to build Iran, we have to do it from the seabed and light the maritime tourism lantern in Iran,” he said. “We must revive maritime civilization, because the economy of the people behind the coast,” he said. They live in the sea, it is in the sea.

Mir Hosseini noted: “Therefore, with the choice of year 5 to introduce Sistan and Baluchistan as the capital of the Indian Ocean states, we are seeking to develop tourism in the region.

Mir Hosseini also announced that Iran will host the first meeting of the Indian Ocean Tourism Ministers in year 6 and said that the meeting will probably take place in Chabahar and Zahedan.

He pointed out that the tourism document of Sistan and Baluchestan province was prepared in year 4 and finally in year 2 became the destination of Iranian tourism, said: “Construction of tourism infrastructure in Sistan and Baluchestan began and three tourism routes were defined for the province.” Infrastructures are also considered according to defined axes.

Deputy Director of Sistan-Baluchistan Heritage Tourism, Handicrafts and Tourism also noted that Chabahar Airport is also under construction, noting that the province would require road widening and re-alignment, changing the railway line from diesel to electric and evolving bridges in Ristanistan. And it is rebuilding and we will have increased tourism facilities.

The number of tourism facilities in Sistan and Baluchistan reaches 5 units
The official noted that the number of tourism facilities, including hotels, tourist services offices, etc., was active in the entire province of Sistan and Baluchistan in the past year, adding that the number of tourism establishments has grown to 4 this year and almost saw growth; We were equality of tourism facilities in the province. This growth will continue for years to come, with the number of facilities up to five in five, including hotels, tourist resorts, tourist service offices, tourism companies and NGOs.

Sistan and Baluchistan Deputy Tourism Minister emphasizing that Year 2 is a year of education, said: “We teach the tourism sector how to host, provide services and … to improve the quality of services. Producing responsible behavior, preserving indigenous values, generating social capital, and active participation of people in the field of tourism have led to the sustainable development of tourism.

According to him, in year 2, we will be attending the Oman Health Exhibition, the Fitor Exhibition in Spain, ITB Berlin and will hold regional meetings with tour operators from countries such as India, China. In April this year, with the presence of Italian tour operators, we announced adventure trips for interested tourists. We also consider producing tourism content.

Pakistani tourists earn $ 5 billion in Arbaeen era
Mir Hosseini said: In the past we saw Zahedan – Quetta and Zahedan – Dubai flights being canceled these days because of sanctions and flight shortages, while we were seeing a lot of arrivals and needing to revive this route. Of course, there is also a flight to Russia, which will definitely be welcomed by the climate difference between Moscow and Chabahar.

According to him, in the past year, we have witnessed the arrival of 6,000 tourists to Sistan and Baluchistan province, mostly Pakistani tourists, who have been in the province for some time to visit. In the meantime, for example, during the Arbaeen period, we saw 6,000 Pakistanis in Iran crossing the border into Shalomsheh from the Sistan-Baluchistan border, eventually earning us around $ 5 billion in that number of Pakistani tourists. .

Source: Ilna

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