MarcoPolo is honored as the top entrepreneur of 2019

Today, entrepreneurship is considered as a national strategy for economic success, social welfare, happiness, cultural development, creativity, and innovation in developed countries. Undoubtedly, the successful economic actors have played an important role in economic growth and development, human resource empowerment, job creation, presence in global markets, poverty alleviation, social justice, and increasing life expectancy. Entrepreneurs are considered as builders of the future and are known for creating a bright tomorrow.

In the 13th Ceremony of Introducing Top Entrepreneurs, the Marco Polo tourism brand was selected, introduced, and honored by the relevant authorities as the top entrepreneur of 2019 after the evaluations processed by the Ministry of Cooperatives, Labor, and Social Welfare.

Marco Polo Group Public Relations: Marco Polo Tourism Holding Company was selected as the top entrepreneur of 2019 due to new and effective activities in the tourism industry as well as business development processes and human capital empowerment and productivity enhancement by evaluating the growth trend of the company’s activities during the past 3 years. Dr. Hassan Taghizadeh Ansari, CEO of Marco Polo Tourism Holding Company, was introduced as the top entrepreneur by the 13th Entrepreneurship Ceremony of the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare and was awarded the sign of appreciation.

The 13th Top Entrepreneurs Ceremony is held with the aim of identifying and selecting people whose efforts have been or can make a significant difference to their industry. The secretariat and policy council of the Ceremony has selected the top entrepreneurs in various economic, social, and cultural fields in agriculture, industry, services, and self-employment sectors and sub-sectors in accordance with the national 20-year development vision as well as the performance of each company in the past three years.

This ceremony was supposed to introduce 2019 winners in the spring of 2020 and at the same time with the Entrepreneurship Day. However, this event was postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak and took place on September 2nd, 2020. The ceremony was attended by Dr. Mohseni Bandpey, Governor of Tehran, Deputy Ministers, and related government authorities, and the top 9 entrepreneurial companies were honored.

Marco Polo Tourism Group was established in 2001 and currently provides services in eight areas of tourism. Marco Polo participates in 40 domestic and international events annually and always tries to have a great impact in the field of domestic and international tourism, especially the inbound tourism of Iran as well as introducing Iranian culture and tourist attractions to the international community by providing distinctive and quality services and maximizing tourist satisfaction.

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