Borna Tehran Festival, Hosted by Abgineh Museum

For the fifth week of the Borna Tehran Summer Festival, the Abgineh and Sefalineh Museum hosted a youth afternoon patrol in Tehran on August 4.

According to the public relations department of the Tehran Office of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism, the director of the Museum of Glassware and Pottery has announced that planning for leisure time for youth and adolescents as part of the glassware museum’s summer vacation goals. “Museums are the best recreation and research location for leisure time students and students on summer vacation,” Est said.

“The glass museum is a crystallization of the history and antiquity of pottery and glass art in Iran, and this historic identity can be a motivation and interest for young people and teens to enter this industry,” said Shahrbano Jahangiri, director of the Museum of Glassware and Pottery.

“Those interested in sending the word glass to 5000542020 can stream the museum’s science and education programs,” Jahangarai added.

Source: Aria Heritage

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