Marcopolo Tourism Holding Co.

About us

The founders of Marcopolo groups are from among the experienced managers and other tour specialists of active tour and travel companies in Iran who have a background of thirty years of offering the best services to both Iranian and foreign tourists.
Founding and exploiting such companies as Holidays Int’l, Gulliver, Kian, Sayyareh, Gullitour, Kish Tours, Miad Residential Center, and offering other tourism services and also cooperating and participating in establishing Pioneers Tour Operators, Premier Tours, and Royal Tours and finally establishing the great Marcopolo Voyages in 2003 (1382) are just some part of executive activities of the founders.
In 2005 (1384), Marcopolo was registered as the first wholesaler of package tours of successful and unique services. This company, utilizing a wide selling network and covering over 300 travel agencies in Iran, could introduce Marcopolo as a prestigious exemplar brand in tourism section and offer standard and quality services to tourists.
In 2006 (1385), Marcopolo center for specialized training was authorized to initiate its distinguished educational, research and specialized activities.

The introductory studies to found the first travel holding, via investigating the successful holdings in other countries, were carried out in 2007 (1386). The results, along with executive plan and the perspective of travel holding in country was presented to the then president of cultural heritage, handicrafts and tourism organization as well as to other related headquarters.
The respected director general for development and facilities plans upon the letter 872/82/1746 dated November 7th, 2008 (1387.07.16) and the respected director general for tourism services and standard establishing upon the letter 872/41-1000 dated (1387.08.01) declared the substantive agreement of the cultural heritage, handicrafts and tourism organization with the founding of the company.
Marcopolo Tourism Development Company (PJS) as the first travel holding, after official and legal processes and holding the official inauguration ceremony in September, 2009 (Sharivar, 1388), in line with the determined objectives and perspective of company to reach a stable tourism development through observing professional standards, entered the industry.

Our Mission

  • Providing the opportunity for public and general participation in tourism industry and the accumulation of investors’ potentialities
  • Managing financial sources and focusing all capital on implementing macro-plans
  • Creating a coordinate and unified system in offering tourism services
  • Participating actively, effectively and purposeful in world markets
  • Developing tourism regions and establishing exemplar regions
  • Developing E-tourism services and Information Technology
  • Developing air and rail transportation potentialities and capacities
  • Developing residential capacities and founding chain hotels

Board of Directors


Fereydoon Kianersi

Member of Board of Directors

Iraj Akhavan Malayeri

Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors

Faramarz Saeidi

Member of Board of Directors

Davoud Farzaneh

Chair of the Board of Directors

Hassan Ansari

Managing Director


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