A plan to revitalize of the historic Natanz City-Garden is being implemented

The head of the Natanz County Heritage, Crafts and Tourism Department announced the implementation of a revival plan for the historic Natanz Garden City.
Isfahan Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Department Public Relations Director, Hossein Yazdanmehr, head of the Natanz Cultural Heritage Bureau, said: “A meeting with the mayor and members of the Islamic Council of Natanz Historical Garden and Advisors “The revival of the historic market took place at the office.”

“One of the concerns of city authorities, especially the mayor and members of the city’s Islamic Heritage and Cultural Heritage Bureau, is the restoration and organization of the city’s historic market, which has been subject to constant and serious follow-up by the municipality and the department,” Yazdanmehr noted.

“At this meeting, it was decided that by the end of the year, the consultant would submit a plan,” he added.

The head of the Natanz Cultural Heritage Bureau said, “After the project is submitted, the historic restoration market will begin in partnership with the municipality, the Cultural Heritage Bureau and the Road and Urban Development Bureau.”

The move will be aimed at recreating the city with the theme of preserving and revitalizing the historic fabric and target neighborhoods, especially the market and behind the market in the Qazbah Natanz neighborhood.

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